Renters Insurance

Unless you’re a hermit crab or an extra-terrestrial here on business, you probably need some form of home insurance.

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Renters Insurance features

  • Protection for your possessions in the event of theft, fire or damage
  • Coverage if someone gets hurt on your property and you’re at fault
  • Replacement of your items which are damaged or lost
  • Living expenses if you can’t live at home because of damage
  • Optional coverage for property stored in your storage unit
  • Extra coverage available for items such as bikes, electronics, or jewellery

Tenant Insurance Partners

Coast offers discounted tenant insurance to residents of Hollyburn Properties and Devon Properties in BC with premiums start at $15/ month. Contact us for a quote below:

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Coast Capital Insurance Services Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Western Financial Group Inc. Insurance products are underwritten by certain licensed insurance companies and are only available throughout British Columbia, Canada.


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